Alpha Tactics

Turn-Based Tactical strategy with a fresh take on game mechanics

The Highlights

Alpha Tactics is a unique combination of classic Turn-Based Tactical strategy with Action, RPG and 4X elements and modern competitive gaming concepts.

  • Classic Turn-Based Tactical strategy with a fresh take on game mechanics;

  • Thrilling Single-player campaign in a unique new Universe with the option to play in Co-op;

  • All of your in-game decisions and actions will determine the future of the Story and the Universe;

  • A wide variety of playable characters and equipment, and plenty of opportunities to create your own Builds;

  • An original visual style as well as a groovy SFX and music;

  • Classic and unique multiplayer modes, including Mass Battles and Alliance Wars;

  • Purely competitive gameplay with no additional monetization;

  • Single account for all platforms including mobile, Cross-progression and Cross-play;

  • And much more...

We want to make a game that is fun to play solo, with friends, and with other players. We want to achieve a fully immersive story, where only the player chooses the direction in which the story of the new Universe unfolds. We want to change the way multiplayer is approached in Tactical Turn-Based games. We also aim for a deep endgame. Our endgame will have something for everyone, from fast-paced action battles to lengthy alliance wars to strategic decision-making.

The Story

The setting is a unique star system...

The planets of this system were formed not only from ordinary matter... After the collision of a small black hole with two neutron stars, the physics of the Universe in this area changed for a moment, and scientists are still not completely sure what happened at the quantum level at that moment. But the event did not go unnoticed.

What we do know is that a new, unusual substance has entered the composition of newly formed planets. This substance is capable of changing the very nature of known physics, transforming ordinary matter and giving it new properties. Many believe it has a mind of its own and theorize that each particle of this substance is like a separate neuron in a large neural network.The name of this substance is Alpha.

Several years have passed. The scientists who discovered the unique properties of Alpha Matter have been replaced by mining corporations. The time of mercenaries and corporate intrigue has arrived.

Rumors abound that the new super-useful and lucrative substance is actually far more dangerous than any weapon ever created. Communication with the colonies is increasingly lost, and when a reconnaissance team arrives on the scene, they find that the colony literally does not exist.

As a specially trained agent of one of the largest corporations, you must find out what is going on and how the new substance is connected to the sudden disappearance of the colonies. You will have complete freedom of action in your investigation, you will have to build a team and overcome all obstacles on the way to the truth.The fate of the entire universe may depend on you, as recent research suggests that Alpha could create a "true" vacuum that could change all the laws of physics in an instant and destroy the world as we know it...

Oct, 23

Since we have not found funding, the project is frozen indefinitely.

Jun, 23

We have just launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for the development of Alpha Tactics!

There is also a new trailer for the game's prototype!

Apr, 23

Cheers! A small open test of Alpha Tactics is finished. But there's still a lot to do... Soon we'll release a video preview of the game.

Jan, 23

The open beta test of the first version of the game is coming soon!

Dec, 22

Internal alpha testing of our game on the Google Play Store has started! There's still a lot to do, but we're on the right way.Here is a teaser celebrating the release of our new game in internal testing:

Oct, 22

We're almost done with the multiplayer system. We have a ton of bugs to fix, but soon we can launch the first closed alpha test.

Jul, 22

All right! We finished working on the main gameplay part! And now we're starting to develop the multiplayer for the main game modes.

Feb, 22

So development has started. The documentation is written. The engine and the rest of the services have been selected. Computers are set up. Now just go forward.

Jan, 22

Everything is done. We are going to start developing a real tactical strategy with action and rpg elements, but with online battles and for mobile devices. The first thing we need to do is to go over everything to the smallest detail. Write documentation and as much as possible to describe all the gameplay and even think about the story and a slightly describe the visual.

The Game Basics

Alpha Tactics is based on the classic Turn-Based Tactical strategy where you basically control a squad of different characters. But we took a modern approach and reworked almost all of the gameplay mechanics.

Additional game features

  • In our Universe, character shots always hit the target (thanks to the A.I.M. system), except for unique gameplay moments;

  • A variety of covers and other destructible objects will be available in battle;

  • Epic Boss Fights;

  • Dangerous surfaces that allows for tactical approach to battles;

  • It will be possible to enjoy the storyline in co-op with other players;

  • Not only is the campaign storyline non-linear for each player, but every in-game choice and action made by the entire community affects the game world for all players in the future;

  • A wide variety of playable characters to meet, find, or hire;

  • A variety of equipment and skills that can be upgraded and customized to suit your play style - creating your own unique builds;

  • Everything is set up for fun and action, while giving you freedom for tactical play.


The other side of the game is a flexible multiplayer mode that takes the usual turn-based tactical battles to a whole new level.Alpha Tactics includes many multiplayer game modes, from one-on-one duels to true mass battles between players, from quick battles to unique modes that completely change the gameplay.Alpha Tactics also features a unique system of alliances between players, as well as a variety of events and tournaments.


An integral part of Alpha Tactics is the Alliance system. These allow players to join together in groups of 24 to 96 to communicate, train, and trade consumables. There are internal and external activities: cooperative missions and events that allow you to improve the Alliance, and most importantly, the war for points of interest on the global map, all of which allow you to influence the future of the game's universe.

Visuals and Sound

The game is developed on the Unreal Engine. We create and maintain our own unique visual style modern but not demanding to computing resources.The visual style of Alpha Tactics is based on a sci-fi setting. Games like Mass Effect, No Man's Sky, Elite Dangerous, Gears Tactics, and Eve Online were used as visual reference.The sounds will also match the sci-fi setting. The music will be in the style of retro-wave, industrial and techno, creating an atmosphere of space adventure.

So what is Alpha Tactics?

Alpha Tactics, is an innovative turn-based tactical game project in a sci-fi setting. The game can be a real breakthrough in the genre, offering players classic and unique gameplay mechanics with a flexible combat system, extensive features, interesting social mechanics and many other features.

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